Heirloom Quality

A well-written story illustrated by gorgeous artwork is an heirloom worth passing down.  But that kind of book is easier said than found.  That’s what we’re here for.  Every month we send you a newly published hardcover picture book paired with a beautifully designed product – so your child can take the story off the pages and into real life.

Uplifting Values

We’re moms; we know the struggle to raise good humans is real.  That’s why each book we choose is handpicked not only for its beautiful illustrations, but for a story that teaches the values you want your kids to have.  Compassion, honesty, gratitude, bravery… We’re here to help you build a literary arsenal of goodness.

Delivered Monthly

Life is busy.  A trip to the bookstore or the library (while delightful) isn’t always in the cards.  Little Heirloom Books brings the best of the best in children’s literature right to your doorstep once a month: beautiful books, uplifting stories, and products that bring the story to life for your kids.  This part of your life just got a whole lot easier.

Connecting with your kids and your values just got a whole lot easier.