Our Story

We love children’s books!  Specifically, books that are going to reinforce the values we teach our children in our homes.  We especially love books with beautiful illustrations.  When we buy a book, we want it to be a book that we will keep for years to come and hopefully pass on to our children.  We’re sure we are not alone in this, so we decided to start a subscription box to share our very favorite books paired with a quality children’s good that you would actually want to keep in your home, and not something that would just add clutter.  We value quality and hope that you will see that in our blog and in our products!


I live in North Carolina with my husband and five awesome little humans.  Reading is my jam.  I’m an introvert at heart but love a good intimate social gathering.  I love playing the piano, a cozy blanket with a fun TV show, and I have a deep love for French fries (specifically fresh cut).


I’m a single mom living in Utah with my three kiddos.  I love art and design  (you can find my lettering at South Harbor), and gravitate towards nonfiction and memoirs in my personal reading time.  I have a soft spot in my heart for beautifully illustrated picture books.  Not just any book will do!  I use my children’s birthdays, holidays, a good find at Costco (pretty much any reason) to build our home library.  A good book is a good book – no matter how old you are!  And there are so many gems to find.  We can’t wait to help you build your own library at home!