Our 10 Favorite Christmas Books

Our 10 Favorite Christmas Books


There are so many wonderful Christmas books.  We want to share a few of our favorites and will share some other favorites on Instagram through the month.  We hope you will follow along and please don’t be shy.  We want to get to know you!  Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know a little bit about you and some of your favorite seasonal reads!

The Lost Gift: A Christmas Story – When a gift falls out of Santa’s sleigh, these cute little animal friends help restore it to the rightful owner.  Squirrel is a little grumbly about it, but by the time they get the gift back to where it goes, even he is swept up in the joy of giving.  They return home not expecting anything in return and satisfied with their Christmas experience, but find that Santa has not forgotten them.

Great Joy – Kate DiCamillo is one of the best!  She is best known for her middle-grade books, but a few years ago I found this book on the shelf at the library and fell in love.   As adults we have our prejudices and biases, and children are often the best examples of looking beyond those and seeing people for who they really are.  This story of a child bringing love to a homeless man will touch your heart this Christmas season and is a sweet reminder to us all to step outside of our own world.

Maple and Willow’s Christmas Tree – Maple and Willow are the sweetest of sisters.  The family goes to find the perfect Christmas tree, but unfortunately after they bring it home they find out Maple is allergic to the tree.  Willow is disappointed but finds a way to bring a unique Christmas tree into the home that they both can enjoy.  The story and the artwork share an inspiring story showcasing children’s ability to work out challenges by themselves.

The Broken Ornament – In this story, Jack finds out what having the perfect Christmas really means.  There is a little accident with his mom’s special ornament.  At first to make things better he thinks he can just make Christmas look really good, but through the help of a little friend, he figures out what the spirit of Christmas really means.

A Christmas for Bear – “PICKLES AND POEMS, THAT IS THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!”  Or is it?  Mouse and Bear are the best of friends and it’s Bear’s first time celebrating Christmas.  He is really excited about the pickles and Mouse is really anticipating the presents.  Between the both of them they have the best Christmas, figuring out that it is really about being together for Christmas and the friendship they enjoy.

The Little Reindeer –  The illustrations in this book are just as endearing as the story.  Grayscale and red is what you find on these pages with some foil inlay and it all goes together adorably.  Ollie is fast asleep when she hears a “jingle, jingle, jingle.”  She goes out into the woods and helps reunite her new friend with his collar and has a magical night before having to send the little reindeer off to help Santa.

The Polar Express – Who doesn’t love this classic?  It is an award winner for a reason!

Christmas Oranges – Rose is an orphan.  She had a happy childhood in a small orphanage until tragedy struck and she had to be transferred to a new orphanage in the city. This one was cold and unfriendly (to say the least).  Christmas is the one day the children can expect a special treat: an orange.  Rose has never tasted an orange before and is full of anticipation until things go badly for her on Christmas morning.  But the other children have a secret surprise planned for her.  This is a beautiful story of friendship, kindness and gratitude, and I love the perspective it helps give my children.

The Christmas Train – I cry almost every time I read this one to my children.  This is a true story about a little boy who learns that giving at Christmas is so much better than receiving.  Every page is full to the edge with beautiful illustrations and inspiring lessons that kids can really relate to.


The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – A story about the kindness of strangers and the innocence of a little boy softening the heart of a broken man.  Beautifully illustrated by P.J. Lynch, we have fallen hard for Jonathan Toomey.


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    Awesome! When can I buy? Very good synopsis”s and children books are very good. Thank you.

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      We are hoping to have our box launched in February/early spring. Thanks for stopping by!

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