About Us

As mamas ourselves, we were underwhelmed by some of the books our kids were pulling off the library shelves. They were tasteless, dull, and disappointing, like a greasy bag of potato chips.  The media our children consume shapes who they become, and, well, we didn't want them becoming potato chips.  At the same time, we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clutter the kids would bring home: little knick-knacks and whatnots that were forgotten as soon as they were put down. There had to be a better way.

We met other like-minded parents who were craving the same things we were: an easy way to raise our children on a steady diet of the best in art and literature; a way to shop small and support the communities around us; a way to teach our kids that often less is more.  We decided to dedicate ourselves to finding the best children's books, toys and goods we would be happy to have on our floors and coffee tables, and fun ways to bring the stories beyond the pages. 

Little Heirloom Books is the culmination of all our hopes. A book club for modern families with minimalist ideals. Each delivery inspires parents and children to connect, build up their communities, and raise avid readers.  

You only let the best through your doors, so we only put the best in our boxes each month.

camille close, co-founder

Camille lives in North Carolina with her husband and six awesome little humans. She's an introvert at heart and reading is her jam, but she also loves a good intimate social gathering. She loves playing the piano, a cozy blanket with a fun TV show, and has a deep love for french fries (specifically fresh cut).

Meredith Church, co-founder

Meredith is a single mother of three kids and one angel-baby. She's a lover of art and design, hand lettering dabbler, and a podcast enthusiast.  Meredith's favorite things to do with her kids are baking with her aspiring pastry chef son, the nightly read-aloud, and hikes through the woods of North Carolina.