Somebody Loves You // Valentine Bookmark Printables

Somebody Loves You // Valentine Bookmark Printables

Have you read the book, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch? It is a must have for the valentine season, with a message that resonates all year round.

Mr. Hatch is a lonely man who lives each day relying on the predictability of mundane routine. He works in a shoelace factory, eats mustard sandwiches, and reads the same newspaper every day. Until one Saturday, when he receives a package with a giant box of candy and a note that says, “somebody loves you.” Thrilled by the thought that somebody loves him, Mr. Hatch spreads light and love everywhere he goes through small acts of kindness. When he later discovers that the package had only been delivered to him by accident, he is shattered. It’s up to the people in the town to show him that he really, truly is loved, after all.

Inspired by the message of Mr. Hatch to show love to those around you in small and simple ways, we’ve created a free printable for you: a set of three bookmarks to remind you and the ones in your community that y’all are loved. These bookmarks can be used as classroom valentine printables, happy notes for strangers to find, or even just as a friendly reminder to yourself! Simply click the link below to download. And be sure to tag us on Instagram with a photo of how you use yours! We would love to see them out in the world.

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